AP Stacking’s 3rd generation maximizers: lighter and adjustable

Incredible cost savings in the transport
of fragile or complicated goods!

The new adjustable FlexMaxlight

(Up to 4 pallets at 11 different heights
on only 1 footprint)

Fragile products require special attention when handling and especially during transportation. AP Stacking introduces a new, versatile stacking solution which accommodates up to 3 or 4 pallets on one pallet footprint during transportation.

  • Pallets can be anchored at 11 different heights.
  • Autonomous, crush-free zone for all palletized products.
  • Robust (rock-solid) stability during warehouse handling and transportation by road, sea or rail wherever in the world.
  • Lightweight frame and easy handling
  • Eliminates damage caused by shifting during transportation.
  • Dynamic stack load of up to 700 kg.
  • Also suitable for transporting products that protrude outside of the pallet.
Now you can increase the load of each truck or container by as much as 4x what you are currently doing!

Up to 120 pallets can be employed in every trip substantially
reducing costs and your carbon emissions.

For larger pallet loads


savings by


pallet loads


Stop using more trucks than needed

Stop wasting money using more trucks or trailers for transporting your goods than is needed.
Simply double your load per trip with FlexMax. The savings are amazing! At the same time, avoid the hassle and cost of last minute pallets that simply ‘have to go now.’
It’s no longer a problem or a cause for extra costs. With just a few FlexMaxes per trip you will save both money and needless headaches.

FlexMax offers surprising possibilities

FlexMax offers surprising possibilities for a variety of goods and transport modalities FlexMax minimises risks and saves costs on goods that are considered to be highly vulnerable or pressure sensitive. But FlexMax secures also products that are lightly packed, irregularly shaped and fresh or frozen products.


Practically all packaged food and non food consumer products can be stacked using FlexMax. You save on expensive packaging and profit from roughly doubling your load in transport.

Non food

FlexMax is a game-changer for transporting a whole range of non food products from car parts, do-it-yourself items, ink, coatings, paper and much more. Once again the major profit lies in doubling transport loads and reaping spectacular savings on an extensive series of costs.

Fragile products

FlexMax provides the ultimate protection for fragile products like special electronics, medicines, fresh or frozen food during transportation. The solid stacking set fully insulates products from any pressure and optimally protects both pallets from transport damage.

Groupage transport

Double stacking loaded pallets with products or packaging of different shapes, weight and volume is straight forward with FlexMax.

Heavy products

Using FlexMax you can now stack really heavy products up to the maximum payload per truck.

How can you profit from wasted space?

Discover your wasted space

More situations to consider FlexMax
  • The upper half of reefers is paid for but not used.
  • Only the floor area of flatbeds is loaded with pallets but not all the space above it.
  • You regularly use a mix of Euro pallets and block/UK pallets for transporting goods.
  • Just the floor area of trucks or trailers is filled with loaded pallets.
  • You want to contribute to a reduction in CO2 emissions and traffic congestion.
FlexMax gives you the opportunity to reap these benefits and save from Euro 50.000 up to Euro 500.000 or more – year on year!

Turn wasted space into profits!

FlexMax® doubles your load on each pallet place and enables you to maximise the use of floor space for transporting goods. And now it’s simpler and faster than ever before.
The result?  Savings of up to 30% or more on your annual transport costs with the bonus of a secure load and a greatly reduced risk of damage.

More management benefits

Less investments

Suitable for all common pallet formats which saves management time for control

Considerable cost savings
resulting in extra profit

Dynamic stackload 600 kg extra

Definitely reduces risk
of damage claims

Extremely strong cross straps makes double stacker solid as a rock and prevents damage which will be appreciated by customers and own management

No investments in
return equipment

Return on any empty EURO or block pallet


Zero pressure on goods or packaging

Fast & simple

1. Two frames only
2. Identical frames
3. Slide-in frames

Considerable reduced CO2 emission

Contribution to climate conscious reputation customers


Worldwide patent

Unique solution worldwide


Controlled risks

Tüv certified

No risk

Each frame features
a unique number

Reduces time required to check


Faster check time

Corporate colours possible

Corporate identity

To rent or to buy